MeteoSolutions GmbH


In spring 2002 MeteoSolutions GmbH had been founded as an economically independent company, taking over and continuing the complete business operations of the sole proprietorship of Jürgen Lang Datenservice, including the execution of current projects. Moreover, MeteoSolutions GmbH took over the entire staff of Jürgen Lang Datenservice. MeteoSolutions GmbH continued to offer to customers the entire performance spectrum, reliability and company philosophy of the sole proprietorship of Jürgen Lang Datenservice which had been founded in 1988. Consequently, the entire know-how, expertise, capacity and reliability of Jürgen Lang Datenservice were ensured to customers of MeteoSolutions GmbH.

The foundation of MeteoSolutions GmbH in 2002 was a step to convert the sole proprietorship of Jürgen Lang Datenservice into a professional meteorological software company with the legal status of a limited liability company. The special combination of expertise both in the field of software development and meteorology is of major benefit for the customers in the meteorological business.

More than 25 years of business activities of both MeteoSolutions GmbH and Jürgen Lang Datenservice underline the continuity, reliability and quality of the company. For example, the German National Weather Service has been a customer of MeteoSolutions GmbH and the sole proprietorship of Jürgen Lang Datenservice for more than 25 years. The 12 business years (2002 to 2014) of MeteoSolutions GmbH were very successful. No objections have ever been raised against the company from tax authorities and social insurance agencies.

At present MeteoSolutions GmbH permanently employs a meteorologist as managing director, an assistant to the managing director, two meteorologists as software developers and scientific assistants, a software designer and a software engineer.

MeteoSolutions GmbH has extensive experience in processing and analyzing meteorological data. Software libraries in C++, Java and IDL (Interactive Data Language) programming languages which are continuously maintained and upgraded ensure the high quality of data processing, handling and visualizing. This is complemented by the profound knowledge of various WMO, ICAO, OGC standards and data formats i.e. BUFR, GRIB, METAR, TAF, IWXXM, netCDF. This is proved by a number of software systems which mostly operate on 24/7 service level at German National Weather Service (Deutscher Wetterdienst, DWD) or German Air Traffic Service (Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH, DFS).

Key Persons

  • Jürgen Lang is a meteorologist and has been developing meteorological software systems as well as meteorological methods for various fields of application for more than 25 years. Moreover, being the managing director of his own company MeteoSolutions GmbH, Jürgen Lang has been self-employed for more than 25 years, thereby gaining comprehensive knowledge in managing and implementing, among other things, research and development projects. This includes long-standing experience in team leadership. Under Mr. Lang’s management, MeteoSolutions GmbH has already carried out a national-level project funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy within its aeronautical research program with great success.
  • Daniel Sacher is a meteorologist and graduate of University of Karlsruhe, Germany. He has worked as scientific assistant and application developer at MeteoSolutions GmbH for more than 16 years. He has already contributed successfully to the development of several meteorological methods, thereby acquiring extensive expertise. Since the end of 2014, Mr. Sacher has been familiarizing himself with the DIVMET model and, being a very quick learner, he is already well versed in the corresponding models. Mr. Sacher has profound knowledge of scientific data analyzing and processing and as a meteorologist he is familiar with various meteorological parameters and atmospheric processes.
  • Dr. Ulrike Gelhardt
  • Prof. Thomas Hauf is a retired professor for meteorology at the Leibniz University Hannover and acts now as a professional advisor for MeteoSolutions GmbH. He is an expert in aviation meteorology with focus on weather impact on aviation, aircraft icing, thunderstorms and lightning and winter weather. In recent years he and his team have developed an algorithm for route finding under adverse weather. He holds a degree in physics and has long term experience in atmospheric modelling, aircraft measurements, boundary layer meteorology and a broad understanding of atmospheric processes.