Spanish Meteorological Agency (AEMET)


The Agencia Estatal de Meteorología, AEMET, is the State Agency under the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment responsible for the official activities related to meteorology and climatology in Spain, including weather information for general purpose. The mission of AEMET is the development, implementation and provision of meteorological services which responsibility belongs to the State as well as support to other public policies and private activities, contributing to the safety of individuals and properties and to the welfare and sustainable development of the Spanish society. AEMET retains exclusive responsibility for the main meteorological infrastructure in the whole territory of Spain, international exchange, aviation and maritime services as well as the meteorological support to Defence. The total staff is over 1,400, about 400 of them have University master degrees.

AEMET is structured in three Divisions and 17 Regional Centres. The Division of Production and Infrastructure with 3 departments: Production, Infrastructure and Development. The Division of Planning, Strategy and Commercial Development and the Division of Administration. The Regional Centres have boundaries coinciding with political regions and each centre is responsible for local offices (staffed by AEMET). AEMET is responsible for the weather warnings such as wind, coastal waves, snowfall, heat and cold waves, and fire risk.

AEMET is the representative of Spain at some international institutions: WMO, ECMWF, EUMETSAT, etc. It is member of a number of international groups of cooperation: EUMETNET, HIRLAM, etc. The main research activities at AEMET cover numerical weather prediction, special weather events, remote sensing, climate (including climate modelling and climate change scenarios) and atmospheric composition. The AEMET has participated in the ECSN project, in SAF projects funded by EUMETSAT (SAF NowCasting), and in some EC funded projects: SUSPEND, EUROCS, REVUE, SUVDAMA, TRACAS, ATMET, MULTIMETEO, DEMETER, ELDAS, HONEYMOON, TOUGH, ENSEMBLES, MACC, MyWave and MUSICA. It has also been involved in specific international projects as PYREX and MEDEX.

Key Persons

  • Juan Simarro Grande
    • Physics, Universitat de Barcelona, 1982.
    • PhD in Numerical Weather Prediction, Universitat de Valencia, 2015.


      • Employed by AEMET since 1992.
      • Experience in aeronautical forecast and numerical weather prediction


      • Participation in HIRLAM and HARMONIE projects.