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University Carlos III de Madrid is a public university characterized by its strong international focus, the quality of its faculty, excellence in research and commitment to society. It was founded in 1989 and, despite its youth, its achievements have placed it among the top universities in Spain. It is included in the QS Top 50 Under 50, a ranking of the world’s top 50 universities established within the last 50 years. Among its catalogue of degrees, UC3M offers both a Bachelor and a Master on Aerospace Engineering.

The tasks included in TBO-Met will be developed at the UC3M’s Bioeng. and Aerospace Engineering Department, within the Aero Research group (website: The Aero Research group is leaded by Full Prof. Eduardo Ahedo and is composed by 12 full-time Doctors, 11 full-time PhD students, and 12 part-time faculty adjuncts (including professionals from the aeronautical industry). Aero group has the following lines of research: Experimental and Numerical Fluid Mechanics, Space Plasma Propulsion, Space Flight Dynamics, Air Navigation and Control. The later is lead by Manuel Soler.

Key Persons

Manuel Soler has a PhD in Aerospace Engineering. He is currently Assistant Professor at UC3M, Department of Bioeng. and Aerospace Engineering, where he leads the Air Navigation and Control research line and teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in air navigation, flight mechanics and control, and air transport. He has been a visiting scholar at ETH Zurich, Switzerland, and UC Berkeley, USA. His research interests focus on optimal control, stochastic hybrid systems, and trajectory optimisation in ATM. He has participated in several research projects, e.g., POTRA (Clean-SKY), SESAR WP-E HALA! PhD project [PI], and OPTMET [PI]; and consultancy projects with Boeing [PI], CRIDA-En-AIRE [PI], and  Innaxis [PI], and published his work in international journal and conference proceedings (e.g., SIDs, ICRAT, ATM Seminar, organized/co-organized by Eurocontrol), including two books. Dr. Soler was recognized with the SESAR Young Scientist Award 2013. He is member of the HALA! network scientific committee. He is currently supervising 3 PhD students. Detailed vitae information can be found @

Within the research line of Air Navigation and Control, current research under development includes:

  1.  the application of methods based on optimal control theory to trajectory optimization problems in Air Traffic Management . In particular the analysis of the meteorological uncertainties in the trajectory.
  2. development of conflict detection and resolution algorithms in collaboration with Dr. M. Kamgarpour and Prof. John Lygeros , both from ETH Zurich.
  3.  the study of avitation environmental impact, particular the effects of contrails, in collaboration with Dr. B. Zou and Prof. M. Hansen, UC Berkeley.
  • Manuel Sanjujo Rivo
  • Daniel González Arribas
  • David Morante